Top 3 Ways to Make Money without AdSense


Is your AdSense Banned? You must be thinking why should I blog when you don’t have AdSense? Don’t worry we are providing you 3 ways to make money without Adsense. Whenever we talk about monetization on blog first name which comes to our mind is AdSense. AdSense is the most trusted name as it is a product of Google.

There are many other ways to monetize your blog. We have checked more than 10 alternatives to AdSense and providing you with the best alternatives. Google AdSense losing its reputation day by day because of many reasons such as customer support is not up to the mark, takes too much time in approving account and much more.

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So Now let’s have a look at top ways to make money without Google AdSense.

ways to make money without adsense


Make Money Using Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a handy tool to make money. Promote products for various merchants or entrepreneurs and get up to 50% commission on every sale. There are many merchants who love to promote their products. Many affiliate programs are available on the internet. You just need to use their affiliate links on your blog. Whenever someone shops using that link you get paid.

Instead of using different affiliate programs I suggest you use only one program. There are many reasons to go for them. It is easy to handle all merchants on one platform. You don’t need to be fumble with too many accounts.

The best affiliate marketing tool which I suggest is Cuelinks. The major benefit of cuelinks is that you don’t need to convert normal links into affiliate links. It is a one time process. After the approval of your account, Just insert your cuelinks code into your WordPress blog. After that your all normal links will be converted into affiliate links automatically. You can make a lot of money every month using this tool.

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Make Money Using AdSense Alternatives

There are many alternatives to AdSense for making money. Bidvertiser and Chitika have emerged as the best alternatives to Adsense when it comes to displaying context-sensitive ads. They are giving tough competition to AdSense. Currently, they are sharing 75-25% revenue in favour of the blog owner. They are paying 2 to 20 dollars per click to their publishers. If you are not having AdSense then you must go for these alternatives.

Make Money by Selling Ad Spaces 

Blogs having a huge number of visitors per day attracts the attention of various marketers who love to promote their products. Selling ad spaces on blog results in diverting the good amount of organic traffic which leads to huge income. Even the revenue share is much more than Adsense.

These are the top 3 ways to make money without AdSense. If you have not applied for AdSense or it’s not approved yet then you can go for these alternatives. These are really very helpful in earning bucks from your blog.

Hope you guys find this information helpful. If yes then share with others too who are looking ways to make money from their blog without AdSense.



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