True Balance Referral Code [2R796WNB]: Refer and Earn Rs.33 Recharge


In today’s world, Everyone is looking for ways to earn without doing much work. So, Today I am here to provide you true balance referral code recharge trick with the help of which you can earn free recharge money.

True Balance is an mobile app which gives you one touch solution to manage your prepaid mobile balance. It is an hassle free app with some marvelous features. In addition to this, you can earn through this app by inviting your friends with your referral code.

Here is the right trick to Earn Rs.33 recharge with true balance refer code. Scroll down and have a look at complete procedure till the end.

true balance referral code

Steps to FollowBonus Details
Download True balance appFrom Here
Enter Referral Code2R796WNB
Signup BonusRs.10
Emergency Loan BonusRs.10
Task Complete BonusRs.13
Account will be credited withRs.33

How to Earn Free Rs.33 Recharge by True Balance?

  1. First of all, Download the True Balance App From Here.
  2. Now, open the app and signup by using your currently working mobile number.
  3. In case, app will ask to enter Referral Code then Use 2R796WNB
  4. Now you will see your account will be credited with Rs.10.
  5. After that, you will also get Free Rs.10 from emergency loan offer.
  6. In the last, you have to download some apps from true balance to get extra Rs.13.
  7. Once you complete the task, you account will be credited with Rs.13.
  8. Now, I am going to tell you how to build your own referral link and how to download the app? So just scroll down the page and keep reading my article.

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How to Download True Balance Application?

true balance referral code

  • First of all, open google play store in your phone and write true balance on it’s search bar as shown above.
  • Before downloading, you should take care of one point that your phone’s android version should be above 4.3.
  • Then, click on install button to start downloading.
  • Now you can see true balance app is download in your phone.

How to Get your Own Referral Link?

true balance referral code

  • First of all, open the app.
  • Then, click on ‘Rewards button’ i.e middle option of top bar.

true balance referral code

  • Now you can click on invites button to get your own referral link as shown above image.
  • After click on invites button, you will see a eight digits code like this ‘2R796WNB’.
  • Now, you can share your referral code to your friends by clicking on Share option shown below the code.

Key Points to Remember Before Using App

Before using true balance app please read these key points carefully because there are so many fake tricks available in market to earn unlimited recharge money from true balance but they all are fake. If you are thinking to use these tricks then you should keep one thing in your mind that true balance app has full rights to ban your account permanently.

  • You can get only 1000 successful referral by using your refer link.
  • Referral Bonus Scheme is working only in India.
  • You and your’s friend both will get only Rs.10 as per referral guidelines.
  • To participate in this offer, you have to download true balance app in your phone.

How I made Rs.7500 From True Balance App?

First of all, I made a account on true balance app by using my mobile number. After that, I shared my referral code and link to my friends, colleagues, family members. Then, I made a plan to share my referral link everywhere on social media like on Facebook, twitter, whats app groups. That’s all I have done to earn Rs.7500 through true balance referral code. If you are also thinking to earn a big amount from true balance, please follow the plan that I have discussed with you.

What are the Benefits of True Balance App?

  • Invite and Earn: True Balance is an app with which you can earn a lot of balance by inviting your friends. You have to just provide your referral link to them.
  • Earn Rs.1000+ with Friends from Fun Missions: Get reward every time when you and your friend completes a mission. Invite more friends and earn more.
  • Cashback Offers: It provide Cashback offers to save money.
  • All Recharge Available: No need to rush to shop for recharge. Simply sit and relax with true balance app at home as it provide facility to recharge all operator number of each and every state.
  • Combined Payment: Recharge with wallet points and credit/debit/net banking payment. There is no term and condition to pay only using one mode of payment.
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