Jio Mhere App Download and How to Use It? : Jio Attendance App


Once again Reliance Jio is coming into the news. It is well known for shaking the whole telecom world because of its marvelous cheap and affordable recharge plans. But now, it is getting attention due to an app. The app is named as Jio Mhere App or Jio Attendance app.

Along with Jio Mhere App or Jio Attendance App, few more apps are launched such as Jio Security, Jio Newspaper, Jio Cloud and pdf reader. Basically, the app was developed in May 2018.

jio mhere app

What is Jio Mhere App or Jio Attendance App?

Jio Mhere App is an exclusive app for Jio feature phone. It is an app made from the attendance point of view. The main motto of the app is to keep a record of the attendance of a particular department for whom the app is developed.

How to Download Jio Mhere App for Android and iOS Device?

Currently, Jio Attendance app is not available for any Android or iOS device user. Even it can not be downloaded on PC. The app is still under development as it’s current version is 1.0.0. It means that the app is in its early stage.

Who Can Download Jio Mhere App?

downloading jio mhere app

For now, people with Jio Feature Phone can download the app from Jio Store.If you don’t have the Jio Store app then you can download the myjio app From Here . The app is currently available for them only. They can download but they can’t use the app.

Error in Jio Mhere App

error in jio mhere app

When a Jio Feature Phone user tries to launch the app an pop up occurs. the pop up contains the error “You are not autorized”. Even the error have wrong spelling of authorized which shows the app is not fully developed yet.

Who Can Use Jio Mhere App?

Reliance Jio staff who is developing the app can use this application for now. Only they have access to it as they are using it just for trial purpose before launching it properly.

If we see any changes regarding this app then we will update the post again. If you want to use the latest version of Jio Mhere app then subscribe our page to get fresh update on this article.


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