[Big News]Facebook App Crashes Automatically: Check Solutions Here


Facebook is one of the most commonly used social networking site from last decade. More than 1.15 billion mobile users are active on Facebook every day. We Have noticed them facing a huge problem with the app as Facebook app crashes automatically while playing video or scrolling down through the news feed.

There are many reasons for this issue and we have listed all solutions to keep you out of this obstacle. Android users are facing a lot of problems with their Facebook app. This may be because of the old version of the app, Android, cache and data.

Keep on reading the article until the end to figure out an answer to your problem.

facebook app crashes automatically check solutions

Facebook App Crashes Issues and Solutions

Have a look at the issues because of which you are facing such a problem.
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  • Restart Facebook App

First of all, You should restart the app whenever your facebook app crashes. Most of the times, it works. Ans it is first steep which you should take in troubleshoot. If it works, then you don’t have to take any stress further.

  • Restart your Phone

If restarting the app doesn’t work for you then you can try it by restarting your device. it will help your other applications to work properly too. Sometimes a quick reboot of your phone can solve your problem.

  •  Update Facebook App

If restarting the app and phone doesn’t work then check for an update of the app on Google Play Store or Apple Store. You should update your app to the latest version for the proper functioning of the app.

  • Reinstall the App

If you are still facing the problem then you must uninstall or delete the app and install it again on your device. Before deleting the app, Clear all the cache and data of the app from your smartphone. Reinstall of the app can help in fixing the bug.

  • Check Your Device

If you are having a problem even after reinstalling the app then you should check for your device whether it is compatible with the latest version of Facebook or not. This is the last thing which you can do. In this case, you can upgrade your Android to a higher version only if your device is capable of that.


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